Q: Ms. Boger, your vision, in a nutshell?
A: To give people joie de vivre and vitality, completely individually, through measures and therapies tailored to the person and the personality – this vision formed and still forms the heart and backbone of my work.

Q: How did it come about to build up an institute for prevention, health & orthomolecular consulting on the campus of the Sportklinik Bad Nauheim from this vision?
A: As the daughter of a gardener, my senses for the wonders and powers of nature, for its adaptability and changeability were trained at an early age: How can a small seed, soil and water grow into a giant tree – a tree that bears fruit for decades and lasts for centuries? My father knew that this requires the power of the sun, nutrients from the soil and the right fertilizer, because often the soil alone does not provide everything the tree needs to grow. That’s why we founded the institute – to find the right fertilizer for each individual.



Q: But initially your love of exercise and fitness determined your further career?
A: Exactly, because how important sun, soil and fertilizer are – in a figurative sense – also for us humans, I first experienced during intensive sports. Getting other people excited about fitness and exercise has always motivated me, and so I started out with my institute for personal training and coaching for managers, providing “one-to-one” support to ensure that highly stressed individuals not only perform well in their individual settings, but are also healthy and fit, and stay that way.

Q: That already sounds like a recipe for success. What was missing?
A: The individual fertilizer, the optimized nutrient supply, was missing, so that despite proven training concepts and high motivation, the decisive piece of well-being was still lacking.


A strong immune system is the best protection.



Q: How did you compensate for these missing pieces of the puzzle?
A: One of my clients introduced me to the Bad Nauheim Sports Clinic, where, under the instruction of Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Peil, top athletes, top managers and high-ranking politicians have already been made fit for their stressful high-performance everyday lives through a holistic approach consisting of extensive diagnostics and individual training therapy. I was immediately fascinated by this concept. However, the extensive laboratory diagnostics of the sports clinic often revealed micronutrient deficiencies that could only be compensated for by common preparations, quasi the universal fertilizer. Here, Prof. Peil was also looking for a solution, an individual fertilizer concentrate.



Q: And this fertilizer concentrate you then found together?!
A: Yes, his contacts with Swiss experts led me to my key experience, the answer to my questions. At “HCK”, a state-of-the-art Swiss supplement manufacturer, it was possible to put together individual micronutrient mixtures. This was the way to find the right fertilizer for each tree. Finally, I was able to offer my clients the micronutrient supply they had been missing to optimize well-being and performance, for lasting joy in life. Highly motivated and inspired by the medical environment at the Campus Sportklinik Bad Nauheim, I made the decision to start my own institute for prevention and health consulting on the campus.

Q: What does your care look like in practice now?
A: Every person is unique, has personal circumstances, goals, needs and individual nutritional requirements. Using the latest technological methods, I can determine these needs and then tailor the individual HCK nutrient blend to meet them. This opens the way to well-being, success and high performance for everyone. True to our motto “Prevention is the best precaution”, we thus pave the way for improved health, a strong immune system and a life full of well-being and joie de vivre.