As a highly stressed top executive, I lived a largely “healthy” life as I understood it and did a lot of sports. I was all the more surprised when, a few years ago, one inflammation followed another. The permanently high stress level was taking its toll. My performance was also limited. A fortunate circumstance finally led me to esentiXX, the Institute for Prevention, Health & Orthomolecular Counseling by Mrs. Kamala Boger- and thus to the restoration of my performance. The Institute’s holistic, diagnostic approach and comprehensive understanding of cause and effect were the key to success. My chronic stress was the cause of my symptoms. Since Ms. Boger has been accompanying me with her individual orthomolecular therapy, I have been feeling much better, and I can once again cope with the high professional challenges with full commitment.

Victor Moftakharformer Management - and Supervisory Board

Six years ago I had massive physical complaints in my abdomen. After a successful operation and aftercare in Munich, I was able to meet Prof. Dr. Peil at the Bad Nauheim Sports Clinic.

There I came into contact with the alternative practitioner and sports therapist Kamala Boger and her form of prevention and health care at the esentiXX Institute! I have been receiving care for two years now and I take the HCK products that have been individually created for me with full conviction: I feel good all over physically and have the best blood values ….. That is all that counts for me.

Gunnar GaiserEntrepreneur

My experience with esentiXX? Simply ingenious! The three corona vaccinations and a corona infection caused me considerable health problems, which manifested themselves in increasing gastrointestinal complaints and reduced performance. Fortunately, gastroscopy and colonoscopy were inconclusive, and so after the extraordinarily differentiated esentiXX diagnosis I decided to carry out a detoxification and stabilisation of my body together with Kamala Boger. After only a few weeks, my gastrointestinal tract had calmed down. I was fully able to work again and was even able to take care of my grandchildren when their parents fell ill with Corona, in addition to my various tasks. A thousand thanks for making me feel well and fit again!

Dr. h.c.Beate HeraeusChairwoman of the Board of the Heraeus Education Foundation,President Senckenberg Nature Research Society